Our Original Hawaiian Sea Salt Flavored Chips Are Incredibly Flavorful & Contain Over
80 Trace Minerals From The Sea.
You'll Taste The Difference & Make A Difference

Eat Locally & Think Outside The Bag!

Philippe Cousteau

Rep. Sam Farr

Sylvia Earle

Bill McKibben
Whale Tails Tortilla Chips are heading to Washington D.C. as over 400 key leaders focused on marine conservation attend the 2009 Blue Vision Summit. This milestone event will take place March 7-10th and feature speakers and guests from all over the planet in an effort to influence policies that may well determine the fate of the next generation with regards to resources, climate change and pollution.

NOAA Administrator
Dr. Jane

Marine Artist Wyland

David Helvarg

It really is a small world and we are honored to be asked to help sponsor an event of this magnitude. Big things can happen when we all Chip In... Take a look a the Summit Site and thanks again for choosing the Snack That Gives Back!

for the Whales and for Our Oceans
Every time that you purchase a bag of Whale Tails Tortilla Chips, a portion of the proceeds will help fund whale research, education and the preservation of our marine environment. Check our links for some great sites featuring some amazing individuals and organizations that are helping to make our oceans a better place for everyone. Whale Tails are a delicious way to show you care... more details

Looking For Other Ways To Make A Difference?
If you have a group, a class or organization that is looking for a way to get involved with whales or the ocean – we may have an idea for you. As a new product with a great cause, we like to go out to the stores and let people taste our chips and tell ‘em what we’re up to. Its fun as well as educational and we’re always looking for ways to get more people involved. It’s a great way to meet the community and spread the good news on all sorts of things including tasty snacks. If your group would like to help us promote a local Whale Tails Demo, we will donate all the profits from that Demo to the Whale or Ocean-Related organization of your choice. Please contact us for details.

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9oz Bags - Original (Alaea) Hawaiian Sea Salt Flavored
Our 9oz bags are packed either (6) or (12) to a box. They are perfect for parties, families or a big plate of “Watchos”
(whale watching Natchos).
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2oz Bags - Original (Alaea) Hawaiian Sea Salt Flavored
Perfect for school lunches, picnics, baseball games and everything else that involves having fun. Our 2oz bags are packed either (12) or (24).
Box of 24 = $30.96 @ $1.29 ea
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       Ric Kraszewski -
Whale Tails Tortilla Chips is proud to be a part of another great effort to encourage young children to be good stewards of our oceans. A beautifully illustrated book, Surf Angel, is a delightful book about a young and playful Surf Angel, who ensures a safe night's sleep to all of her ocean friends and brings children closer to the magical wonders of the sea. Included with each book is an audio CD, lovingly narrated by Surfing Legend, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, The Original Gidget, who is accompanied by the enchanting sounds of the ocean and its friendly inhabitants.
Surf Angel Book w/ Narrative CD Enclosed $19.95 
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