Michael Tomlinson - Desert Rain Records

Iím writing this letter to highly recommend Brian Dina, who I have employed as webmaster/designer, and for print design and promotions, since 2001. I have known Brian personally since 1983. 

 As the president of a small record company for over 25 years, and a songwriter/performer/ recording artist, I have had the need for numerous means of communication and promotion that were well beyond my own abilities to navigate. The changes in technology would be impossible for me to keep up with. I have relied on Brian Dina for all those needs; website design and function; social network set-up and design; as well as for the layout and design of numerous posters, CD covers, newsletters and mass market e-mailings I use in promoting my music and events. 

 Among Brianís strengths, I list foremost, his honesty and integrity.  In setting up online sales for my CDs and concerts, I must have someone I can rely upon to be discrete, reliable and transparent. Brian has always been that. If I didnít insist upon it, he would himself. In line with those qualities, I also greatly value clarity in communication, and Brianís communication skills are excellent. He is clear and concise and thorough. When he has written out a guide for some task I wish to understand or undertake myself, or instructions for a customer or visitor to my website, the directions are always intuitive, clear and easy to understand. Should any of my customers have a problem or complaint, Brian is quick to respond and resolve any issue. And best of all, he does it graciously, leaving the person he assists feeling heard and not in any way demeaned.

 Brian is extremely imaginative in his problem solving. Many times, when I have asked for a specific website function, he has found a creative way around a difficult problem, sometimes discovering facets to a computer program that even the program creators did not know were possible. 

 I know that Brian will be a huge asset to any company he works for. His humor and sharp wit, his willingness to listen and be a part of the solution are qualities I believe every employer values. 

~Michael Tomlinson

 Helen Gable - Food Resource Network

I have had the pleasure of working with Brian Dina in two capacities.  In both instances I can personally attest to both his technical competence and his personal dedication.

Food Resource Network Federation raises $1000.000 annually for local food banks.  As Treasurer, I worked with Brian to develop a number of promotional materials.  He created a logo for us and then carefully adjusted it for letterhead, labels, banners, and so forth.  His professional attention to detail and reliable follow-up were great assets to the project.

Brian has also been active for many years in the Seattle circle of the Dances of Universal Peace.  He has created numerous event fliers and holiday fundraising cards.  But his crowning gift has been our local website, www.seattledup.org.  Not only is it beautiful to look at and easy to navigate, but Brian has carefully set it up to serve multiple functions for our group.  The calendar, for instance: links to fliers which can be downloaded or forwarded, the monthly meeting minutes are stored here, as are video and photo archives.

Both groups have benefited greatly from Brianís technical expertise as well as his reliability, commitment, and generosity.  His ability to interface with the lay public is something we have values immensely, and which would be a tremendous asset in many professional situations.

~Helen Gable
    Food Resource Network Federations
    206-78101225 / heleng@igc.org

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